Take Action

Our current campaign

We initiate and support equality campaigns; not only our own, but also the campaigns run by the national Fawcett Society team. 

We are running a campaign to #EndSalaryHistory after discovering that questions around salary history in interviews are maintaining, if not increasing, the gender pay gap.

Ending the practice of asking for salary history is a quick, simple action we can take right now to shrink the pay gap. 

Have your say

Feminism means a lot of things to a lot of women. 

We want to hear what it means to you and how you would like to see it evolve. We want to hear from your personal experience what it means to be a woman and what are the main obstacles you need to overcome in the fight for equality. 

Fawcett Society has been advancing women’s equality since 1866 when at just 19, Millicent Fawcett collected signatures on a petition for women’s votes. 

Today we continue her legacy of fighting sexism and gender inequality through hard-hitting research and we want to be informed by your experiences. Our national and local campaigns shape the debate and drive change. Be part of our movement for equality.